Company Profile
Company Profile

Lisheng Sports (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd (LSTY 002858. SZ) is a leader in China's digital sports and national fitness, and a leading automotive sports operator. It was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2017 and is a "national sports industry demonstration unit". The main business of the company is divided into three parts: space business, IP business and digital business. With the development strategy of "IP leading and digital driving", the company aims to build a digital platform for national fitness services and provide customers and consumers with all-round, multi-dimensional online+offline sports services

LSTY was founded in 2002, formerly known as "Shanghai Tianmashan Circuit Co., Ltd.", and formally renamed as "Shanghai Lisheng Racing Culture Co., Ltd." after the completion of shareholding reform in 2012. In Shenzhen in March 2017

The Institute was listed on the SME board (stock abbreviation: Lisheng Racing, stock code: 002858). In June 2022, with the strategic upgrading, it was officially renamed as "Lisheng Sports (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd", and the securities abbreviation was changed to "LSTY"

As a benchmark enterprise in the domestic racing field, LSTY has accumulated rich resources and experience advantages in the field of racing for several s. It has formed a venue resource matrix with Shanghai Tianma Circuit, Auto and Motorcycle Center Training Base and Zhuzhou International Circuit as venues. It has successfully built and operated the FIA Asian Formula 3 Championship, TCR International Automobile Asian Series At the same time of multiple international or national head race IPs such as the CTCC China Automobile (Track) Professional League, a number of influential independent IPs have been further incubated, including the Tianma Demonstration Drive, the Central South Racing Festival, the Super Endurance Championship (SEC), and the Lisheng Racing Festival. With the release of the "Fourteenth Five Plan" for the development of the national sports industry and the further implementation of the national strategy of "fitness for all", LSTY is based on the future, taking "digital sports" services as the starting point, laying out two major tracks of fitness for all and physical education, and formulating a new development strategy of "IP led, digital driven"

At present, the company's business is divided into three parts: space, IP and digital. The space business includes the operation of racing venues, the venue business of Saika Union go kart and the comprehensive venue business; IP business covers event operation, racing club operation, technology research and development/service, training, supplies sales and other businesses. As the strategic layout of the company, digital business aims to build a digital platform for national fitness services, and to build an incentive and service platform for national fitness by promoting the active and scientific participation of the general public in sports, so as to achieve industrial development; Increase cooperation with the industry, focus on the research and development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, and provide customers with all-round and multi-dimensional sports big data services based on the digitalization of sports behavior, sports equipment and sports space

In the future, the company will continue to respond to the call of national policies, based on its own business foundation, grasp the development trend of China's sports industry, combine the capital operation ability of listed companies, integrate sports industry resources, introduce strategic partners, and promote the construction of a new business model for IP digital operation and digital IP manufacturing; We will continue to adhere to the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, innovation and change, take the diversified sports industry as the development direction, give full play to our own resources and advantages, constantly improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and achieve leapfrog development in the next five s

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