Lisheng has more than ten s of experience in event operation, all-round guarantee of event process/commercial development/media communication, operation rights of such events as CTCC China Auto Field Professional League, CKC China Kart Championship, and independent establishment of Lisheng Super Track Festival, Tianma Demonstration Drive, SEC Super Endurance Championship and other local events with great potential.
Racing Teams

Fleet Operations

Lisheng cooperates with many well-known automobile manufacturers all round to provide fleet operation services for manufacturersIt has also achieved good results in international and national events, such as FE, CTCC, TCR CHINA, and has been widely publicized and exposed

Technical/R&D/Training/Supplise Agent
  • Professional technical modification

    Professional technical modification

    Professional technical modification

    Lisheng technical modification team gathers experienced technical experts, engineers and maintenance technicians at home and abroad to provide racing technical services, automotive engineering services, automotive aftermarket business, market public relations activities and operate multiple manufacturers' fleets.

    To build the most professional platform for refitting and upgrading racing cars in China, and provide professional official refitting services for well-known Chinese automobile manufacturers.

    In addition to the main domestic operation structure, we have a global top engineering technology team in the UK to meet the needs of customers at different levels and in different directions.

  • Go kart R&D and manufacturing

    Go kart R&D and manufacturing

    Go kart R&D and manufacturing

    It owns Saiqi, an "excellent manufacturing brand" in China's go kart industry, and has excellent product manufacturing and R&D capabilities

    We independently researched, developed, produced and sold all kinds of gasoline engines, professional go karts, motorboats, remote control aircraft models, sea models, vehicle models, all terrain vehicles, fitness equipment and other sports and leisure products, becoming one of the production bases of high-quality leisure sports vehicles. Our products are sold to many developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States. In line with the needs of domestic go kart customers, the customer go kart club racetrack covers all provinces and cities in China

  • Racing School

    Racing School

    Racing School

    Lisheng Racing School was established in 2001 and authorized by the China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation. It is the largest racing driver license training school in China.

    With Shanghai Tianma Circuit as the school headquarters, we set up branch schools in Guangdong, Beijing, Hunan and Wuhan, and continued to expand.

    The teaching content covers site B training, pull B training and drift B training. So far, more than 300 site trainings have been conducted, and more than 5000 students have successfully graduated, accounting for 40% of the national competition photos.

  • Event supplies agent

    Event supplies agent

    Event supplies agent

    The brand Kuaishan of LSTY has been committed to the sales of racing safety products and racing spare parts for a long time.

    Official agents include 8+brands related to racing safety products, including OMP, the official competition safety product supplier of F1. To ensure the safety of major events.

    At the same time, it acts as an agent for 3+kart brands such as VEGA and IAME to ensure the safe growth of Chinese young racers.

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