SAIC-Volkswagen 333
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SAIC-Volkswagen 333 fleet
Shanghai Racing Club is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lisheng Yundong Sports Technology Co., Ltd
The company was founded in 2000, and its main businesses include motor sports, automotive engineering services, automotive aftermarket business, ESPORT electric products and public relations activities
The company operates multiple manufacturers' fleets, SAIC Volkswagen 333, MG XPOWER, Dongfeng Fengshen Mach, NIO 333 FE fleet. It has many well-known domestic and foreign racers, including Han Han, Wang Rui, Zhang Zhendong, Hefu, Jiang Tengyi, Gao Huayang, and has trained many professional racers for the industry. Over the years, he has won many honors in the professional arena and has high social awareness and appeal
The company has domestic top engineers and racing refitting personnel, the most advanced racing refitting technology, ability and experience in China, and provides racing refitting services for many domestic events. At the same time, it undertakes various commercial activities, and has rich experience in listing meetings, roadshows, film and television cooperation shooting and other activities.
Introduction to Team Management
In 2001, Shanghai Saisai Racing Club Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Volkswagen Co., Ltd.) jointly established SAIC-Volkswagen 333 (formerly Shanghai Volkswagen 333). The club has rich overseas cooperation resources, including not only the cooperation of top modification brands, but also long-term good cooperation with many world-class teams. The team has a large number of racing refitting agencies, domestic and foreign technical experts and technicians, and has the most advanced racing refitting technology and experience in China. The group company "Lisheng Racing" was successfully listed as "the first share of China Racing" not long ago.

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